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2005 Movies and Tvshows

Beethovens Hair

Watch Free Beethovens Hair (2005)
HD - 7.4

Beethovens Hair (2005)

IMDb: 7.4

Beethovens Hair (2005) Beethoven's Hair traces the unlikely journey of a lock of hair cut from Beethoven's corpse and unravels the mystery of his tortured life and death. The film begins in modern times, when a pair of Beethoven enthusiasts purchase

Frozen Land (20

Watch Free Frozen Land (2005)
SD - 7.4

Frozen Land (2005)

IMDb: 7.4

Frozen Land (2005) When a schoolteacher is sacked he projects his bad mood at his troubled teen son. He in turn buys a CD player from a pawnshop with counterfeit money. This causes a chain-reaction that wreaks havoc on many lives, as everyone transfe

Legend of the D

Watch Free Legend of the Dragon (2005 )
HDTV - 6.7

Legend of the Dragon (2005 )

IMDb: 6.7

Legend of the Dragon (2005 ) The show starts when the previous golden dragon has passed on to the afterlife and Ang and Ling Leung, fifteen-year-old fraternal twins are next in line for the Golden Dragon power band. Ang has no belief that he will bec

The Protector (

Watch Free The Protector (2005)
HD - 7.1

The Protector (2005)

IMDb: 7.1

The Protector (2005) In Bangkok, the young Kham was raised by his father in the jungle with elephants as members of their family. When his old elephant and the baby Kern are stolen by criminals, Kham finds that the animals were sent to Sidney. He tra

Nature Unleashe

Watch Free Nature Unleashed: Earthquake (2005)
HD - 3.7

Nature Unleashed: Earthquake (2005)

IMDb: 3.7

Nature Unleashed: Earthquake (2005) JOSH, 40's, a respected engineer, is asked by his company to inspect a Nuclear Power plant in Russia. He's reluctant to go, but when he discovers there has just been a minor earthquake in the region he's on the fir

Firefly (2005)

Watch Free Firefly (2005)
HD - 7.4

Firefly (2005)

IMDb: 7.4

Firefly (2005) Following an incident on Halloween, the lives of a roofer, waitress, romantic rookie, and mysterious clairvoyant converge due to an undiscovered connection.

Jerry Springer:

Watch Free Jerry Springer: The Opera (2005)
HD - 7.0

Jerry Springer: The Opera (2005)

IMDb: 7.0

Jerry Springer: The Opera (2005) 'Jerry Springer-The Opera' tells the story of a day in the job of world famous talk-show host, Jerry Springer. Jerry has to sort out a number of guests problems; including a man who wants to dress up as a baby, a man

Adam & Steve (2

Watch Free Adam & Steve (2005)
SD - 5.9

Adam & Steve (2005)

IMDb: 5.9

Adam & Steve (2005) Teenage Goth couple Adam and Rhonda are club hopping when Adam spots a dancer he is immediately attracted to. Taking the dancer home, Adam is introduced to drugs by him, but their sexual escapade is interrupted by an embarrass

Nature Unleashe

Watch Free Nature Unleashed: Tornado (2005)
HD - 2.6

Nature Unleashed: Tornado (2005)

IMDb: 2.6

Nature Unleashed: Tornado (2005) A huge tornado endangers the lives of a journalist (Ruth Platt) and a town of Gypsies.

A Friend of the

Watch Free A Friend of the Family (2005)
HD - 6.0

A Friend of the Family (2005)

IMDb: 6.0

A Friend of the Family (2005) After she narrowly escaped rape by attackers in Toronto, artist Alison Shaw and her devoted hunky husband Darrin, a construction worker, move to a rural small town in Ontario and nest a dream home. The locals are welcomi

The Cabin Movie

Watch Free The Cabin Movie (2005)
SD - 4.7

The Cabin Movie (2005)

IMDb: 4.7

The Cabin Movie (2005) THE CABIN MOVIE is a darkly comic look at the nature of desire, the challenge of monogamy, and the definition of sexuality when a group of friends travel to a secluded cabin in an attempt to revitalize their lives through bizar

Sexy Suspects (

Watch Free Sexy Suspects (2005)
SD - 6.7

Sexy Suspects (2005)

IMDb: 6.7

Sexy Suspects (2005) Lies, suspicion, and intrigue of a uniquely sexual nature envelop a group of hi-tech thieves on the lam in a remote country house. Think of it as a voyeuristic camera version of Reservoir Dogs minus the wit and ethical debate, bu

Jacqueline Hyde

Watch Free Jacqueline Hyde (2005)
SD - 4.3

Jacqueline Hyde (2005)

IMDb: 4.3

Jacqueline Hyde (2005) Jackie, a lonely and shy telemarketer in her late twenties, gets a phone call informing her that her grandfather has just passed away. As his only living relative, she has inherited his estate. Upon arriving at her uncle's hous

All Girls Affai

Watch Free All Girls Affair (2005)
SD - 3.6

All Girls Affair (2005)

IMDb: 3.6

All Girls Affair (2005) A suspicious boyfriend believes his girlfriends card nights are much more than that, but he gets more than he bargains for when he spies on the ladies.

The Godfather o

Watch Free The Godfather of Green Bay (2005)
HD - 5.6

The Godfather of Green Bay (2005)

IMDb: 5.6

The Godfather of Green Bay (2005) Joe Keegan is the 'Rocky' of stand-up comedy. A fifteen-year comedy veteran who was pegged for stardom early on in his career but has blown every major audition he has ever had in legendary fashion. Fresh off a recen

Confessions of

Watch Free Confessions of an Action Star (2005)
HD - 3.6

Confessions of an Action Star (2005)

IMDb: 3.6

Confessions of an Action Star (2005) A 'mocumentary' on the rise and fall of Chip and Dales dancer turned martial arts action star, Francis Allen Sledgewick, AKA Frank Sledge. When fame and fortune caused Frank to lose his sense of what's truely impo

All About Anna

Watch Free All About Anna (2005)
SD - 4.4

All About Anna (2005)

IMDb: 4.4

All About Anna (2005) Anna is a modern, independent single girl, focused on her job and wary of getting caught in romantic relationships. Her life is all about fun. Strangers without strings. No commitment, no casualties. She has just found a new apa

The Witches of

Watch Free The Witches of Breastwick (2005)
SD - 4.9

The Witches of Breastwick (2005)

IMDb: 4.9

The Witches of Breastwick (2005) A man and wife are sucked into a whirlpool (in the wife's case, hot tub) of supernatural sex by a trio of randy, well-endowed witches.

Bare Wench: The

Watch Free Bare Wench: The Final Chapter (2005)
SD - 5.2

Bare Wench: The Final Chapter (2005)

IMDb: 5.2

Bare Wench: The Final Chapter (2005) A professor and a group of well endowed women traverse through the wilderness to debunk the myth of the Bare Wench.

ShockORama (200

Watch Free ShockORama (2005)
HD - 5.8

ShockORama (2005)

IMDb: 5.8

ShockORama (2005) Shock-O-Rama features three low-budget horror tales revolving around a B-movie actress. In 'Zombie This' erotic scream queen Rebecca Raven is through with the typecast exploitation acting roles she gets and takes a vacation getaway

Faith of My Fat

Watch Free Faith of My Fathers (2005)
HD - 6.3

Faith of My Fathers (2005)

IMDb: 6.3

Faith of My Fathers (2005) John McCain is a poor student, except at wrestling, but toughs it out in Annapolis at the US Naval Academy with the goal of becoming a career naval officer like his father and grandfather, who were both admirals. Love at fi

New York Wildca

Watch Free New York Wildcats (2005)
SD - 3.3

New York Wildcats (2005)

IMDb: 3.3

New York Wildcats (2005) Chelsea Mundae runs an exotic New York club. Her star body-painted, exotic dancers include Kitty (Katie Jordan), Rattlesnake (Ruby LaRocca) and Pleasure the Peacock (Misty Mundae).

Jane Doe: The W

Watch Free Jane Doe: The Wrong Face (2005)
HD - 6.3

Jane Doe: The Wrong Face (2005)

IMDb: 6.3

Jane Doe: The Wrong Face (2005) 72 hours before an important case in court, the prosecuter's wife is mysteriously kidnapped after plastic surgery. Jane gets 3 days to find her.

The Children of

Watch Free The Children of Leningradsky (2005)
HD - 7.9

The Children of Leningradsky (2005)

IMDb: 7.9

The Children of Leningradsky (2005) Since the fall of the Iron Curtain an estimated four million children have found themselves living on the streets in the former countries of the Soviet Union. In the streets of Moscow alone there are over 30,000 su

Rue Daguerre in

Watch Free Rue Daguerre in 2005 (2005)
HD - 7.2

Rue Daguerre in 2005 (2005)

IMDb: 7.2

Rue Daguerre in 2005 (2005) In 2005, filmmaker Agnès Varda revisited the Rue Daguerre where she used to live 30 years earlier and had interviewed the shopkeepers for her film Daguerreotypes, to see how things might ...

Jane Doe: Til D

Watch Free Jane Doe: Til Death Do Us Part (2005)
HD - 6.2

Jane Doe: Til Death Do Us Part (2005)

IMDb: 6.2

Jane Doe: Til Death Do Us Part (2005) Mob patriarch Louis Angelini, or officially his corpse, disappears from jail, just before his gang is believed to handle a major arms deal in Panama, which may require his personal involvement. The CSA works out

Judging Amy (19

Watch Free Judging Amy (19992005)
HDTV - 7.0

Judging Amy (19992005)

IMDb: 7.0

Judging Amy (19992005) A family drama focused on three generations of women living together in Hartford, Connecticut. Amy Brenneman plays Amy Gray, who left New York City behind and now works as a family court judge. Karle Warren plays Lauren, Amy's

Jeopardy (20022

Watch Free Jeopardy (20022005)
HDTV - 8.1

Jeopardy (20022005)

IMDb: 8.1

Jeopardy (20022005) When 8 kids from Falkirk go to find UFO's in an area of Australia already noted for alien contacts the group soon realise that they have signed up for more than they bargained for in this spooky and ground-breaking 'Blair Witch' s

Man with the Sc

Watch Free Man with the Screaming Brain (2005)
SD - 5.6

Man with the Screaming Brain (2005)

IMDb: 5.6

Man with the Screaming Brain (2005) Man with the Screaming Brain is a story of greed, betrayal and revenge in a small Bulgarian town. William Cole, wealthy industrialist, winds up with part of his brain replaced by that of a Russian cab driver Yegor.

Hell to Pay (20

Watch Free Hell to Pay (2005)
HD - 4.6

Hell to Pay (2005)

IMDb: 4.6

Hell to Pay (2005) Ten legendary Western stars are reunited in this action-packed tale of brothers at odds-one a decorated soldier and reluctant hero, the other a gambler who keeps company with card sharks and corrupt women-in a small mining town tor

The Puffy Chair

Watch Free The Puffy Chair (2005)
HD - 6.5

The Puffy Chair (2005)

IMDb: 6.5

The Puffy Chair (2005) Josh and Emily are in a relationship, but he can be inattentive and unromantic and she can shift her focus from small things to emotional issues in a moment. He invites her to drive from New York City to somewhere in Virginia t

Aliens of the D

Watch Free Aliens of the Deep (2005)
HD - 6.4

Aliens of the Deep (2005)

IMDb: 6.4

Aliens of the Deep (2005) James Cameron journeys to some of the Earth's deepest, most extreme and unknown environments in search of the strange and alien creatures that live there. Joining him is a team of young NASA scientists and marine biologists

Eagles: The Far

Watch Free Eagles: The Farewell 1 Tour  Live from Melbourne (2005)
HD - 8.9

Eagles: The Farewell 1 Tour Live from M

IMDb: 8.9

Eagles: The Farewell 1 Tour Live from Melbourne (2005) A documentary of the musical band Eagles and their 2004 concert in Melbourne, Australia.

Live and Become

Watch Free Live and Become (2005)
SD - 7.8

Live and Become (2005)

IMDb: 7.8

Live and Become (2005) In 1980 the black Falashas in Ethiopia are recognised as genuine Jews. In turn they are secretly carried to Israel. The day before the transport the son of a Jewish mother dies. In his place and with his name (Schlomo) she take

Secret Lives (2

Watch Free Secret Lives (2005)
HD - 4.9

Secret Lives (2005)

IMDb: 4.9

Secret Lives (2005) An attractive art professor is forced to journey into her past to discover the truth about her marriage, her deceased husband and the truth about her former married life.

Fighting the Od

Watch Free Fighting the Odds: The Marilyn Gambrell Story (2005)
HD - 6.9

Fighting the Odds: The Marilyn Gambrell

IMDb: 6.9

Fighting the Odds: The Marilyn Gambrell Story (2005) Based on a true story, former parole officer Marilyn Gambrell and a colleague set up a pioneer trial-based program in one of America's toughest high schools to help the children of incarcerated par