The View from Pompeys Head (1955)

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  1. Vote: 6.3

  2. Quality: SD

  3. Genre: Drama

  4. Starring: Richard Egan, Dana Wynter, Cameron Mitchell
  5. Director: Philip Dunne
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Storyline:  The View from Pompeys Head 1955 Anson Page, a lawyer with Southern roots leaves New York, his wife and his kids for Georgia His assignment is to investigate the case of Garvin Wales, a famous writer, now nearly blind and embittered, whose royalties have apparently never reached him Back in his native South, Page finds himself immediately exposed to what he had fled racial and class prejudices But he also meets his former love, Dinah, now married to go getter uncouth businessman Mickey Higgins Will he find out whatever happened to 2,000 dollars in rights Wales did not cash Will Dinah and Anson renew their love story

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