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  4. Starring: Diana Six, Christina Pinsdorf, Franz Leibl
  5. Director: Lisa Eder
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Storyline:  Der Wilde Wald 2021 An impenetrable thicket, lynx roaming through the undergrowth and countless beetles living in rotten tree trunks In the middle of densely populated Europe, nature is allowed to reclaim its habitat In the Bavarian Forest National Park, a vision has become a pioneering showcase project worldwide Humans do not interfere with nature Let nature be nature is the philosophy It was a unique experiment that triggered massive resistance among the population The result, however, continues to amaze to this day The result, however, continues to amaze until this day A primeval forest is growing out of the former commercial forests, a unique ecosystem and a refuge of biodiversity Why is it so difficult for us not to shape or even exploit nature and instead to slip into the role of a wondering observer Why do we need more wild nature And what can we learn from it to preserve forests for future generations in times of climate change Behavioural scientist and peace ambassador of the United Nations Dr Jane Goodall comments on this, as well as locals and researchers who frequent this special national park Wild heart of Europe The Return of an Ancient Forest is more than an atmospherically dense nature movie and a sensual journey through the forest ecosystem It takes a stand on current issues and shows with impressive images that it can exist the coexistence of man and untouched, wild nature 

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