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  3. Genre: Drama

  4. Starring: Nathan Duval, Fivos Illiopoulos, Sarah Kershaw
  5. Director: Christian Klinger
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Storyline:  Euphoryaa (2017) A courageous, contemporary story about love, relationships and vaccines. EUPHORYAA is a well-paced story that follows the lives of four people. Rose, Milda and Dion meet by accident on an island. Dion is an extroverted young French photographer, who is trying to beat the system and break free from a society of duties and obligations. Rose is in her 30s; she has escaped from her husband Jordan and is trying to find herself on the island. Milda is a sensitive young Russian woman who has a longing to experience life. In addition, she gets vaccinated and the film follows the effects of this vaccine. The film also touches on the main questions about men and women and the notion of relationships. Is there a way for men and women to live in harmony? Is there a new model for relationships? And what makes a man a man and a woman a woman?

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