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Watch Full Movie :Blacks Cant Swim: The Sequel (2021)
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  3. Genre: Documentary, Drama

  4. Starring: Ed Accura, Idris Badmus, Nelson Ogbonnaya
  5. Director: Mysterex
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Storyline:  Blacks Cant Swim: The Sequel (2021) The story follows two Black youths (Layla and K-Frost) from a gritty south London council estate, who are part of a music and sports-based community program designed to help give young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds a better chance in life. But, to complete this program which opens doors to a world of opportunities they must learn to swim. Frank (Ed Accura), who will be acting as a mentor, based on his real-life issues with swimming faces the huge challenge of getting these two young adults to attempt to get into the water. With only two weeks, will he succeed? And will he ever get to the bottom of why Layla and K-Frost refuse to swim in the first place?

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