Erotique (1994)

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  1. Vote: 4.9

  2. Quality: SD

  3. Genre: Drama

  4. Starring: Kamala Lopez, Bryan Cranston, Liane Curtis
  5. Director: Lizzie Borden, Clara Law, Ana Maria Magalhaes
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Storyline:  Erotique (1994) Four women filmmakers examine sexuality in this anthology. Segment 1 is entitled "Let's Talk About Sex" and is the story of an aspiring actress whose day job is as a phone-sex operator. Tiring of listening to callers' fantasies, she finds a caller who is willing to listen to hers. Segment 2 is called "Taboo Palor" and tells the story of two lesbians, who, for variety, pick up a man for sex. He ends up getting more than he bargained for. Segment 3 is "Wonton Soup." Here an Australian-Chinese man tries to rekindle his affair with a Chinese woman by returning to their roots: both in the kitchen and in the bedroom.

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