Gold Du kannst mehr als du denkst (2013)

Watch Full Movie :Gold  Du kannst mehr als du denkst (2013)
  1. Vote: 8.0

  2. Quality: HD

  3. Genre: Documentary, Biography, Sport

  4. Starring: Henry Wanyoike, Kirsten Bruhn, Kurt Fearnley, Heike Bruhn
  5. Director: Michael Hammon
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Storyline:  Gold  Du kannst mehr als du denkst (2013) The emotional story of three outstanding top athletes. Henry Wanyoike, a blind marathon runner from Kenya, Kirsten Bruhn, paralyzed swimmer from Germany and Kurt Fearnley, Australian wheelchair racer on their way to the Paralympics 2012. For over a year the film team around Michael Hammon followed these three athletes on their daily routines. But GOLD is more than just a movie about exceptional athletes. This documentary reminds you, that you can achieve much more than you think and that GOLD is in each and everyone of us.

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