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  3. Genre: Short, Action, Drama

  4. Starring: Tyler McMaster, Tyler Smith, Wayne Abbott, Ashlyn Abbott
  5. Director: Keon Abbott
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Storyline:  Blue Gold (2013) In 2017, a worldwide terrorist attack contaminated all the fresh water in the world making it fatally toxic. Clean, fully filtered water is now the most valuable resource on the planet. Blue Gold follows Chris Rath, who's part of a specialized police unit designed to counter the actions of Droughters, deadly criminals that steal precious water and sell it for incredible amounts of money. Droughters have taken the place of drug lords in 2017. When Jato, the lead Droughter kidnaps Chris' daughter to extort him for this priceless resource, Chris must risk his life to save her from this ruthless criminal who leaves no survivors in his wake.

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