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  3. Genre: Animation, Short, Comedy

  4. Starring: Julian Rhind Tutt, Crispin Bonham Carter, Ron Moody, Ty Glaser
  5. Director: James Tovell
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Storyline:  The Lizard Boy (2010) Starring Oscar Nominee Ron Moody (Best Actor- Oliver!) and introducing Lewis Aaltonen, with Crispin Bonham-Carter, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Geoff McGivern and Ty Glaser. England 1979. After witnessing his parent's untimely death, 11 year-old Brian Lair is taken into an institution, insisting that he isn't human but is, in fact, a lizard. With each failed attempt to reach him his behavior becomes more antisocial and withdrawn. Is Brian a lost cause? Or can a sinister late night visitor succeed in reaching him before it's too late? UK- 19 minutes. Screen SIze Films. Written by Phil Porter and James Tovell. Prod/Dir. James Tovell.

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