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  1. Vote: 5.6

  2. Quality: SD

  3. Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime

  4. Starring: Julian Lee, Barbara Gehring, Trygve Lode, Michael L Amory
  5. Director: Mark Steven Grove
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Storyline:  Dragon and the Hawk (2001) Martial arts master, Dragon Pak, comes to the USA seeking his sister, Cindy Pak. Cindy had come to the USA to pursue a modeling career but had stopped writing home. Dragon battles his way past hoods in search of clues to his sister's disappearance. He encounters deadends and people who obviously know something but won't talk. Then he meets police detective, Dana "Hawk" Hawkins, who is investigating the disappearance and death of other young girls in the city. When Dragon and Hawk join forces, their investigation leads them to Edgar Dante and the sinister Therion of "The Order." What have they been doing with these girls? Will Dragon find his sister alive?

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