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Watch Full Movie :Bikini Pirates (2006)
  1. Vote: 3.9

  2. Quality: DVD

  3. Genre: Comedy, Fantasy

  4. Starring: Nicole Sheridan, Voodoo, Beverly Lynne, Randy Spears
  5. Director: Fred Olen Ray
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Storyline:  Bikini Pirates (2006) While scuba diving, Jill's boyfriend Dustin finds a doubloon necklace and the diary of Morganna, a pirate who sailed the coast 200 years ago. With the diary is a treasure map that takes them and their friends Susan and Joe to a mountain cabin. Before setting out in search of the treasure, the four hold a séance using instructions they find in the diary. It brings Morganna and her mate, Captain Tygus, back to life. It's a race for the treasure. Morganna and Tygus will stop at nothing. What about the necklace?

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